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Robert Cialdini is the author of INFLUENCE the psychology of Persuasion. Out of all the books on Influence out there, this is the one most cited and that I have most bought as a present for people. In this episode, we explore this classic and some of the work of Dr Robert Cialdini.

Click whirr automatic patterns 

Ethic: True, Natural, Wise

Contrast principle see bigger difference when presented one after other 

Lead with strongest, end with second strongest



People feel obliged to give back to those they have been given something from

Gifts, Concessions (Give first) Better than rewards

It means something, Not expected, Specially tailored for them

Power after No



People want more what they can have less of

Benefits and What’s UNIQUE and what they stand to LOSE

Rare or Dwindling items more valuable

Loss Framing, Competition, Information that no one else has

Limited Number better than Limited Time because of competition



We tend to follow the lead of knowledgable experts

Credibility, Expertise, Trustworthiness

More likely to follow advice if uniform worn

Important to signal to others

Trustworthiness… admit weakness



People act consistently with prior actions, decisions or stands

It should be performed Publicly and should be made willingly by the person taking action



People say yes to people they like

3 Factors… When they are Similar to us. When they say nice things about us. When we work with them.



People will look to actions of others to determine their own

The factors that matter are the amount of people, how similar the group are to you and the degree to which you are unsure of the best course of action


YES: 50 Secrets Science of Persuasion contains a fascinating array of research into the six principles as well as some other interesting findings from the psychological literature into influence.



Robert Cialdini’s Website: INFLUENCE AT WORK


YES 50 Secrets from the science of persuasion