Podcast Archive

S2 Ep 27: Hacking Attention

Our attention is being hacked by the media, social media and everyone around us. In this episode, I talk about the importance of your attention and how to hack it back!

S2 Int 17: John O’Connell on Healthy Eating and Fitness

In this episode, I interview my friend John O’Connell, a top fitness expert as we talk about healthy eating and fitness.

Season 2 Ep 26: Unstoppable Confidence

In this episode, I discuss the keys to building unstoppable confidence and self belief that will get you through the toughest times!

Interview series 16 – Kate Benson on Raising Healthy and Resilient children

In this episode, I talk to my dear friend Kate Benson about raising healthy and resilient children!

Season 2 Ep 25: Why People believe Conspiracies

Conspiracy Theories seem everywhere these days. How about the psychology of how they work? In this episode, I’ll explore how they work and why they work.