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S2 TWof 14: Nancy Duarte V1 Resonate

Nancy Duarte is a legend when it comes to corporate communications and presentations. In this first part of my work of series on Nancy’s work, I explore her fantastic book Resonate and using stories in presentations!

Bonus episode: Why Influence matters and The Influence School

Special Bonus episode on my brand new INFLUENCE SCHOOL… finally available until Sunday midnight http://www.changingmindsacademy.com/the-influence-school
And also… why Influence matters. Hope you enjoy!!!

Season 2 Ep 38: The 3 biggest thinking mistakes we make

Today we discuss the three biggest thinking mistakes we make in life…. and how to avoid making them!!! This is important.

Season 2 Interview 22: Tal Ben-Shahar on Happiness

Tal Ben-Shahar, the founder of Happiness Studies Academy is an author and lecturer. He taught two of the largest classes in Harvard University’s history, Positive Psychology and The Psychology of Leadership. It was fantastic to get a chance to interview him on this weeks episode!

S2 Ep 37: Wisdom of the World 2: Ikigai & Nunchi

This week, I explore the cool concepts of Ikigai from Japan and Nunchi from Korea… really useful stuff.