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Special Episode 2 Coronavirus How to make the most of the next few weeks

This episode offers you some useful ideas on how to make the most of the next few weeks in isolation or quarantine.

Special Episode Coronavirus What it is and what we need to do

In this episode, I explain some of the terms around the virus and explain what we’ve learned we need to do and stop doing.

S2 In 6 Patrick McAndrew on the Neuroscience of Learning and Speed Reading

In this episode, I talk with Patrick McAndrew on how the brain learns and we’ll offer you some really great hacks and tips on how to boost your memory and learning speed,

Season 2 Ep 8: Why Coaching matters: Why you could use a coach

In this episode, I talk about why coaching matters so much and discuss some fascinating insights from coaching in silicon valley.

Season 2 Interview 5: Neil Gordon on Powerful Storytelling in your Marketing

In this episode, I talk to the fantastic Neil Gordon again for another super chat. This time we discuss storytelling and the power of using stories to influence and sell effectively.