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Bonus Episode: The Philosophy of Influence

Here is a special bonus episode on The Philosophy of Influence while we wait for the return of Season 3 of the Podcast!!!! I explain some of the philosophical aspects of influence and also describe my program Influence School.

For more on Influence School go to: https://www.owenfitzpatrick.com/influence

Super Cool Announcement

Super cool announcement where I tell you about 2 FREE Masterclasses this week AND my EXCITING MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP and EXPERT BUSINESS MENTORSHIP which are opening up tomorrow for a week.

S2 The Work of 21: 7 Great Books from 2020

If you are looking for 7 great books from 2020 on personal and professional development check this episode out!!!

S2 Ep 48: Making 2021 your best year yet

In this final solo episode of season 2, I have a few suggestions which might help you make 2021 your best year yet!!

S2 TWo 19: Jonah Berger Vol 3 The Catalyst

Jonah Berger’s latest book The Catalyst is the subject of the latest episode of the work of on the changing minds podcast. Super book about improving how persuasive you are!