Owen Solo

Season 2 Ep 42: Lessons from the brain and how design matters

I read a great book recently called 100 things every designer needs to know about people by Susan M. Weinschenk. In this episode, I explore some of these ideas and a bunch more to help you understand more about how your brain works!

Season 2 Ep 41: 10 strategies to stay motivated

This weeks episode offers you 10 strategies to stay motivated and keep taking action to move you towards achieving what you want!

S2 Ep 40: When things don’t go your way

With a big day tomorrow for the population of the states… and with the craziness in the world like it is… here is an episode with suggestions that might help you stay sane when things don’t go your way!

Season 2 Ep 39: How politicians win

In this episode, I explore some of the effective strategies that politicians use nowadays to get elected! Timely!

Bonus episode: Why Influence matters and The Influence School

Special Bonus episode on my brand new INFLUENCE SCHOOL… finally available until Sunday midnight http://www.changingmindsacademy.com/the-influence-school
And also… why Influence matters. Hope you enjoy!!!