Interview series

In 11 Adam Ashton & Adam Jones

In this episode, I interview the two creators of one of my favorite podcasts in the world; WHAT YOU WILL LEARN. Adam Ashton and Adam Jones have now a few hundred episodes of their podcast where they do fantastic book summaries and interview some incredible authors.

Season 2 Interview 10: Owen Fitzpatrick on the THOUGHT ROOM Podcast

Here is one of the favorite interviews in which I have been interviewed! With the amazing Hallie Rose of the THOUGHT ROOM PODCAST!!!

Season 2 Interview 9 Kate O’Neill on Technology Business and the Future

In this episode, I talk with the fascinating Kate O’Neill, expert and speaker on Technology, Business and the Future!

Season 2 Interview 8 Diane Diresta on Knockout Presentations

This weeks interview is with the fantastic Diane Diresta where she shares some fantastic tips and strategies on Presenting powerfully and effectively, delivering knockout presentations.

Season 2 Interview 7 Alain Hunkins on Cracking the Leadership Code

In this episode, I interview the fantastic author of the brand new book ‘Cracking the Leadership Code’, Alain Hunkins. We talk about leadership, motivation, influence and coaching amongst other topics.