The Work Of

John Gottman: The work of 007 CM

John Gottman is the worlds greatest expert on love and relationships. In this episode, Owen explores his life’s work.

Jim Collins: The Work of 06 CM

Jim Collins is one of the best known experts on Business and what makes good companies great. In this episode, Owen reviews his key ideas from amazing books such as Built to Last and Good to Great.

Brene Brown: The work of 005 CM

Brene Brown is a phenomenal researcher and storyteller who focuses on vulnerability and shame. This work of series explores her books and talks!

Viktor Frankl: The Work of

In this episode, Owen explores the masterpiece that is ‘A Man’s search for meaning’ by Viktor Frankl.

4 Agreements / Don Miguel Ruiz: The Work of

The 4 Agreements is an incredible book written by Don Miguel Ruiz. This episode follows Owen as he explores the four agreements as well as explaining some of the other work of Ruiz offering you nuggets of wisdom and essential insights from his writings.