Season 2 Interview 23: Hallie Rose P1 on Life, Love, Spirituality and Sex

Hallie Rose is creator and host of The Thought Room Podcast, a brilliant podcast where Hallie interviews some incredible people. Our conversation was so interesting that it went long and so this is part one.

Hallie Rose is an author, speaker, educator, and relationship coach from New York City. She is the host of The Thought Room Podcast and also the founder & CEO of the company Lunar Wild which aims to reclaim the sacred feminine and address a modern need for a Rite of Passage into womanhood. I appeared on Hallie’s Podcast last year and it was such an enjoyable chat, I decided I wanted to have her on Changing Minds.

Our conversation cuts across many topics, is raw and real and very philosophical. Hope you enjoy.

Topics we touch on include: