changing minds podcast

Season 2 Ep 43: Mastering a memorable message

In this episode, I explore how to master communicating a message that people are more likely to remember. There are certain things that most powerful messages have in common.

Season 2 Interview 25: Ed Soo Hoo on Stretching the Box Thinking

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all. Ed Soo Hoo is a terrific expert on stretching the box thinking and innovating with new insights on business leadership. In this interview, we talk about some really fun ideas and explore ways to solve problems and prepare for the future.

Season 2 Ep 42: Lessons from the brain and how design matters

I read a great book recently called 100 things every designer needs to know about people by Susan M. Weinschenk. In this episode, I explore some of these ideas and a bunch more to help you understand more about how your brain works!

Season 2 Interview 23: Hallie Rose P1 on Life, Love, Spirituality and Sex

This is part one of a super fun interview I did with Hallie Rose. Hallie is creator and host of The Thought Room Podcast, a brilliant podcast where Hallie interviews some incredible people. Our conversation touches on life, love, spirituality and sex!

Season 2 Ep 41: 10 strategies to stay motivated

This weeks episode offers you 10 strategies to stay motivated and keep taking action to move you towards achieving what you want!