Gina London: Interview Series

Gina London is an internationally recognized communications expert, author and keynote speaker. An Emmy award-winning former CNN correspondent and anchor, she has a proven track-record of teaching the skills and strategies you need to become a powerful and engaging communicator.

In this interview, I chat with the amazing Gina London about her story and fascinating journey to where she is today.

  • How Gina and Owen met
  • Gina’s background, childhood and fascination with journalism
  • Gina’s Mum and the tragic loss of her Dad
  • Love of reading from early age
  • Impact of fathers death
  • Winning the Emmy
  • Navigation into journalism
  • Gina interviewing Bill Clinton
  • Spending time in Middle East
  • Moving to Egypt
  • Escaping with her life at risk
  • Moving to Italy
  • Why Gina moved to Ireland
  • Communication skills in politics
  • Gina’s favourite movie, author, artist, poet, musician, band, philosopher, tv series, desired superpower, ideal time travel experience, alternative location, alternative career and one piece of advice for other people.

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