Season 2 Interview 12: Dave O’Reilly on Interview Skills

This week, I interview my good friend David O’Reilly. David has worked in a multitude of businesses in a few different areas and offers some excellent advice for anyone job hunting right now and getting the interview right.

David has a strong technology background. He started in HR product management and went on to work in a variety are areas including Product Management and Marketing. He has a unique perspective on business.

We covered a number of topic including:

What should people be doing in they are let go?

When applying for a job, what should a query letter or email look like?

What should you research before doing an interview?

What are the keys to making the best first  impressions in an interview?

What should you have on your resume and CV?

What mistakes do many people make when they are interviewed?

General Business Tips.

Dave’s tips on the science of running.


A Favourite movie,






TV series,

Desired superpower,

Ideal time travel experience,

Alternative location,

Alternative career

One piece of advice.