Episode 12: Worrying: How to deal with Worry and Stress CM

Why do we worry

Worrying is an alarm system in the brain. Prepares us for the future. Cortisol burst.

Problem is not worrying… problem is repetitive worrying.

Cycle of worrying thoughts and feelings.

Neuroticism 50% predicted by genetics.

Personal experiences, Traumatic experiences, Negative beliefs, Locus of Control over events in our lives.

Stress is a negative feeling of anxiousness in our body. Worrying is a form of stress. Imagining bad shit happening to us in the future,

Rumination is about the past. 

What does worry cause

Leads to restlessness, irritable, fatigued, bad focus, back neck problem, nightmares, poor sleep, stomach and bad health problems

What kind of worries do we have

Targeted worry… know what will happen and worry

Options worry… not know what will happen and worry about possibilities

Worry about what you’ve done

Worry about what you have to do

Worry about what is to come  

Worry about if you can handle it

Worry when things are going well

Worry when things are going badly

Worried about others or the world affected

What can we do about worrying and stress

Still want to worry just in a way that works for us


Practice relaxation, meditation and mindfulness

Stay in the present

Risk assessment

Worry exposure

Behavior prevention



What to do

Identify worry or stress triggers 

What are your choices: Remove it / Change association with mental rehearsal 

Keeping lists of what you have to remember

Use a Premortem

Imagine Worst Case Scenario happening and handling it

Change sequence of how you speak using BUT effectively

Have a worry book. Take time out to worry.

Mindfulness… stay in the present and what you see, hear and feel

Positive mental rehearsal

Accept what is and move on from it

Ask yourself ‘What can I do?’ focus on what you have control over

Give yourself perspective and realise in a while it won’t matter

Ask yourself ‘What are the chances of this happening?’

Realise it’s a feeing not a fact

Go offline and disconnect from online presence

Spend more time in nature and the natural world (and with pets)

Keep your hands and your mind busy

Focus on what you want to achieve