Vinny Shoreman Combat Sports Mental Game Interview Series 24 CM

Vinny Shoreman is a world renowned Coach for the Mind. He has worked with top names in the world of MMA and Kickboxing such as Joe Schilling, Liam Harrison, Eddie Alvarez and Cody No Love Garbrant. He is the creator of the Shoreman Solution and has appeared on the Joe Rogan Podcast multiple times. In this episode, I interview Vinny about his work!

  • How Vinny got into the field
  • Vinny’s background Martial Arts
  • First clients in Martial Arts and Combat Sports
  • Vinny being on the Joe Rogan Show
  • Hypnotising Joe Rogan
  • Best Mindsets in MMA and Boxing
  • How important is the Mental side of Sport
  • Other people’s reputation
  • Best examples in Boxing
  • Ruiz Joshua Fight
  • Tyson Fury
  • Fighting for something greater
  • Training your Mind
  • Dealing with trolls and haters
  • The Shoreman Solution
  • A Favourite movie, 
  • Author, 
  • Artist, 
  • Musician
  • Philosopher, 
  • TV series, 
  • Desired superpower, 
  • Ideal time travel experience, 
  • Alternative location, 
  • Alternative career 
  • One piece of advice.

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