Tom Ziglar: Interview Series 10 CM

Tom Ziglar, proud son of Zig Ziglar and a great friend sits with me for this weeks interview on his new book Choose to Win as well as some wonderful stories from his work helping people to change their life.

  • How Tom and I met
  • When Tom came to Ireland to attend my Charisma course
  • Toms new book
  • Zig and Toms journey
  • Tom’s life with Zig as a father
  • Memorable times on the road with Zig
  • Zig’s journey to success
  • Learning something new to share with others
  • Choose to Win… the book and the power of your choice
  • The Stages to understanding your WHY
  • The Power of Persistent Consistency
  • Tom’s life changing experience with Zig
  • Tom’s daughter Alexandra and the power of growth
  • The formula for success
  • Favorite Film, Musicians, TV, Author, Time Machine, Superpower, Ideal place to live, Other occupation, One Message for the world

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