Tamir Elghanayan Interview Series 21 CM

Tamir Elghanayan is an extremely successful entrepreneur who has a thriving business in Los Angeles that has customers all over the world. In this episode, we explore the most important ingredients of business success especially for entrepreneurs.

He is the co-founder of Tadi Brothers, one of the most successful companies out there that sell back up cameras for RV’s. A good friend of mine, Tamir and I discuss the lessons he has learned in building a brilliant business from scratch.    

  • Back story… how Tamir came to found tadi brothers
  • The Most important decisions Tamir made along the way
  • Business advice Tamir has for start ups
  • Challenges businesses face today
  • Work life balance… what does he do to address it
  • Insights on customer service and communication
  • Favorite movie, author, tv series, musicians, artist, philosopher, superpower, Time, alternative profession, alternative living location, words of advice.

Tamir’s Website: