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Season 2 Ep 19: Handling Organizational Politics

Organizational Politics are unfortunately part of the course of being in the corporate world. We are forced to deal with them in business. In this episode, I offer some suggestions on what you can do to come out on top!

Season 2 The Work of 5: Dan Pink – When and A Whole New Mind

The last work of Dan Pink episode explores his two excellent books A Whole New Mind and When. Two books that will help you understand yourself and the world better.

Season 2 The Work of 3: Dan Pink – Drive and The Adventures of Johnny Bunko

Daniel Pink is a multiple time New York Times Bestselling Author. One of the greatest authors in the self development areas out there at the moment, in this episode, we explore DRIVE and The Adventures of Johnny Bunko.

Season 2 Ep 15: Why we get anxious and what to do about it

In this episode, I discuss Anxiety. We look at why we feel anxious in the first place and what we can do about it!

Season 2 Ep 14: Getting the Message Across

In this episode, I discuss what are the most important things you need to remember when getting your message across effectively!