Season 2 Ep 43: Mastering a memorable message

In this episode, I explore how to master communicating a message that people are more likely to remember. There are certain things that most powerful messages have in common.

Season 2 Ep 39: How politicians win

In this episode, I explore some of the effective strategies that politicians use nowadays to get elected! Timely!

Bonus episode: Why Influence matters and The Influence School

Special Bonus episode on my brand new INFLUENCE SCHOOL… finally available until Sunday midnight
And also… why Influence matters. Hope you enjoy!!!

Season 2 Ep 35: How to win a US Presidential Debate

With the debates on this time of year, I figured it would be fun to do an episode on the strategies used in trying to win the debate especially between Donald Trump and Joe Biden! Hope you enjoy!

Season 2 Ep 25: Why People believe Conspiracies

Conspiracy Theories seem everywhere these days. How about the psychology of how they work? In this episode, I’ll explore how they work and why they work.