STORY with Robert McKee: Interview Series 11 CM

Robert McKee is probably the most well known and highest regarded screenwriting and story expert around today. Regarded by many as the aristotle of our time, Robert communicates the deep truth about story and how it works in the most incredible way.His alumni includes more than 60 oscar winners, more than 200 emmy winners and anymore nominated. Personally, I’ve attended his workshop on Story 4 times and found myself learning more every time such is the nature and depth of his work. In this interview, I got to dig deep into the method of storytelling and explore some of the keys to creating timeless and impactful stories. It is one of my favorite interviews of all time. Hope you enjoy! We cover:

  • What are the greatest mistakes people make in writing for the page, stage and screen
  • How difficult screenwriting really is and why 95% of everything you write will be shit
  • Skills to practice to become a great writer
  • Most important things people need to remember to build strong and compelling characters
  • The difference between character and characterization
  • The most important things people need to remember when writing love stories
  • What the action and TV days are all about
  • Movies in the last year that Robert liked
  • Fantastic TV Series
  • Favorite Artist
  • Superpower
  • Time Travel
  • Alternate place of residence
  • Alternate Career
  • Upcoming Projects
  • What is Love? Roberts fantastic definition. How do you know if someone loves you?

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Story Robert McKee

Dialogue Robert McKee


Dialogue Teachableh


LA 28-30 March, 2019

New York 11th-13th April 2019

London 23rd to 25th May, 2019


LA 31st March 2019 – Action 

New York 14th April 2019 – TV

London 26th May 2019 – TV