Season 2 The Work of 8: Nir Eyal Vol 2 Indistractable

In this episode, I explore another great book by Nir Eyal… Indistractable. It explores how we can take charge of our attention and remove the problem of distraction from our lives and become indistractable.


Distracted not because of tech

We need to become indistractable

Traction: Actions that move us towards what we want

Distraction: Actions that move us away from what we want

Internal triggers cues from within

External triggers cues from outside

Understand root cause of distraction

All motivation is to escape discomfort

Boredom, Negativity Bias, Rumination and Hedonic adaptation means never satisfied for long

Dissatisfaction leads to progress

Need to handle temptation

  1. Look for discomfort that precedes distraction
  2. Write down the trigger
  3. Explore your sensations
  4. Beware of liminal moments (transition)

Master internal triggers… Reimagine a dreary task

Self Compassion and talk nicely to ourselves

Know what is it distracting you from

IS time reflecting the value

Timebox your day… you, relationships, work

Time for you first… then time for people

Input better than outcome

Synch schedule with work

Identify external trigger… IS THIS SERVING ME OR AM I SERVING IT?

Interruptions lead to mistakes – open office

Defend your focus

Break down the problem

Reduce messages received and time on messages

Group meetings in and out, schedule it, be picky and selectively

Make hard to call meeting. be fully present, one laptop per meeting





Reclaim (notifications)


Online articles (pocket)



Use apps to minimise time online

Price pacts – good start

Identity influence behaviour

Precommitment to self image

Adopt rituals

Share with others

Get kids to have autonomy, competence and relatedness and manage down indistractability

Relationships indistractable

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