Season 2 Interview 9: Kate O’Neill on Technology Business & the Future

In this episode, I talk with the fascinating Kate O’Neill, expert and speaker on Technology, Business and the Future.

Kate O’Neill is helping humanity prepare for a more technology-centric future by teaching business how to design data-driven experiences that are both more profitable and more meaningful for humans. She helps people better understand the human impact of emerging technologies.

Kate’s expertise in data-based business models, integrated experience strategy, and human-centric digital transformation comes from more than 20 years of experience and entrepreneurship leading innovations across technology, marketing, and operations in category-defining companies. She was one of the first 100 employees at Netflix, where she created the first content management role.

Kate is now founder and CEO of KO Insights, a strategic consultancy committed to improving human experience at scale. Clients have included Google, Cisco, Etsy, Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Kelly Services, as well as educational institutions including the University of Cambridge and Yale University, NGOs and IGOs including the United Nations. Author of 4 books, Kate is an expert that has appeared on BBC, NPR, Marketplace and NBC.

Kate’s background.. Linguistics… when web came about

Kate’s 1994 pivot to Toshiba

How she looked to solve problems that were emerging

Language and Communication meeting Data Modelling

Time Kate spent in Netflix

What does Kate do now?


Her thoughts on Collecting Data

Cambridge Analytica

Bleed over between physical and digital worlds

The stalking power of technology

Privacy and the dangers of today

The dangers of Smart speakers

Companies using technology to make their products compelling and addictive

Increasing conversions through Data

Emoji Interaction with social media

A Favourite movie,






TV series,

Desired superpower,

Ideal time travel experience,

Alternative location,

Alternative career

One piece of advice.

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