Season 2 Interview 25: Ed Soo Hoo on Stretching the Box Thinking

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all. Ed Soo Hoo is a terrific expert on stretching the box thinking and innovating with new insights on business leadership. In this interview, we talk about some really fun ideas and explore ways to solve problems and prepare for the future.

Ed Soo Hoo is an asymmetrical thinker capable of crossing the intellectual and practical boundaries of enterprise and technology. As Business Alliances lead for Lenovo’s Field C Suite, Ed has an innate ability to connect the dots of technology and turn that capability into business-altering solutions for any organization. His Tetris-like talent for enabling, leveraging, and enhancing existing operational models and ecosystems is truly transformative.

With the world facing a new normal and corporate operations turned upside down, an organization’s willingness and response to business transformation will likely impact its viability in the months and years to come. The role of Field C Suite, Lenovo’s business strategy team, is to focus on facilitating that transformation through the theories of design thinking and the application of smarter technology. Ed is the inventive intellectual among the group who helps leaders identify and bring their organizations new capabilities in the dynamic world of edge compute tied to the data center and cloud.

An Industry Fellow at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology at UC Berkeley, he is known for stretching-the-box strategic thinking allowing companies expand from “Now, New to Next” opportunities. Ed brings unique insights coming from a diverse, eclectic set of rich experiences through a career that includes blue-collar teamster, global company leader, and startup exec (seed to IPO to buyout).

A sought-after executive and keynote speaker on business leadership, Ed presents his theories on entrepreneurial spirit, vision, and drive through a multidisciplinary perspective of the world. He is an advisor to startup companies and early-stage venture capital on business and market development for big data/analytics and IOT, coaching executives on innovative approaches to challenges and ways to scale their business.


What Ed does and how he got to where he is today.

Some of the most important business lessons he learned along the way.

Pool/billiards metaphor.

The most important skills he thinks will be needed in business in the future.

Keys to improving innovation in an organization.

Importance of entrepreneurial spirit in larger organizations.


Quick fire round:

A Favourite movie,






TV series,

Desired superpower,

Ideal time travel experience,

Alternative location you would live,

Alternative career you would have,

One piece of advice for the world.