Season 2 Interview 21: Holly White on Healthy Living

Today we have the fantastic Holly White who will be talking to us about her journey turning Vegan, embracing wellness and staying healthy!

Holly White has been working as a broadcaster and journalist for over a decade in Ireland. She has trained extensively with some of the best vegan chefs in the world as well as becoming certified in plant based nutrition from Cornell University and is all about injecting flavour whilst keeping things quick and practical to prepare.

Collaborations with brands include The Garden Room in The Merrion Hotel where she has worked alongside head chef Ed Cooney to create a dedicated vegan menu, as well as Camille Thai and Insomnia Cafes. She has presented at wellness and food events to include Taste of Dublin, Thrive and Wellfest as well as appearing regularly on The 6 O Clock Show on Virgin media One. Her debut cookbook Vegan-ish was published by Gill Books in September 2018.

Some of what we covered:

Holly’s journey from university to where she is today

Important insights and skills learned along the way
Making different decisions than the norm
Owen’s Vegan experience and Improving Vegan food
Holly’s time in LA and the myth of the dream
Struggling with Anxiety

The main lessons learned up to 37 years old

Handling other peoples opinions

Why did Holly write Veganish?

What has turning Vegan done for Holly?

Quick fire round:

A Favourite movie,






TV series,

Desired superpower,

Ideal time travel experience,

Alternative location you would live,

Alternative career you would have,

One piece of advice for the world


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