Season 2 Interview 19: Michael Burns on Diversity & Leadership

In this episode, I chat to Michael Burns, co-founder and managing partner of the Burns Brothers, a diversity, equality and inclusion consultancy.

Michael is one of the top experts out there in the area of diversity and inclusivity. A former combat pilot, he is an incredible business thought leader, fascinating human being and offers some gold about diversity, inclusion and leadership in this interview. He has two boys and lives in New York. Mike has a wealth of experience in strategic leadership, diversity and inclusion, self-assessment, culture shifting and organizational behavior.

Prior to creating the Burns Brothers, Mike ran businesses with over 25,000 employees and $600M of annual revenue. He has also held senior Diversity and Inclusion roles at Fortune 500 companies such as Citigroup and Conduent Inc.

Mike spent over 13 years in the US Army, initially serving as a helicopter pilot and civil military advisor with the 101st Airborne Division in support of operations in both Afghanistan and Iraq. He concluded his military career as the Director of Diversity Recruitment and Enrollment for the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Michaels past and journey to today

Michael’s business experience

What Michael does now

Diversity and BLM and how it relates to people doing better in this space in the work place

Keys to successful leaders

Some other great lessons Michael has learned about business and life

What is Mike working on now?

Where can people find out more about Mike?

Quick fire round:

A Favourite movie,






TV series,

Desired superpower,

Ideal time travel experience,

Alternative location you would live,

Alternative career you would have,

One piece of advice for the world


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