Season 2 Interview 1: Janel Tanna on Acting, Instagram, Maxim and Handling Haters

Janel Tanna is an award winning actor, model, writer, producer, she won a Maxim contest out of tens of thousands of contestants, featured in their TOP 100 and to top it all off she has studied brain surgery and now studies psychiatry. She has had 26 acting nominations 16 acting awards. Ridiculously talented and smart, Janel and I met in acting school and I am delighted to have her on the podcast!

Her movies are called: Siennas choice, Intervention

@janeltanna is her instagram where she has 110K+ Instagram followers

We discuss:

  • Perspective on tough times in life
  • Early Childhood and Janel’s love of Gymnastics
  • Flirting with Brain Surgery
  • Acting School
  • Achievements in Film
  • The role of discipline from gymnastics
  • Modeling
  • Making the Hottest 100 Women in Maxim
  • Owen shouts out to the modelling industry if their interested
  • Janel’s strategies for balancing everything structuring her day
  • Getting Sleep
  • Switching off on vacation/holiday
  • Living as an Empath
  • How Janel prepares for a role
  • How Janel handles emotionally difficult roles
  • Beliefs and Mindset about what will happen after taking on a role
  • Handling Haters and Comparing yourself to others
  • Janel supporting others that are succeeding
  • A Favourite Movie
  • Author
  • Book
  • Artist
  • Musician
  • Philosopher
  • TV series
  • Desired superpower
  • Ideal time travel experience
  • Alternative location
  • Alternative career
  • One piece of advice.