Season 2 Ep 42: Lessons from the brain and how design matters

I read a great book recently called 100 things every designer needs to know about people by Susan M. Weinschenk. In this episode, I explore some of these ideas and a bunch more to help you understand more about how your brain works!

Change Blindness

When uncertain we look to what others are doing

Context learning Brazilian Street kids

Z or F shape look at screens (F text heavy)

Perception… you brain constructs what you see from different form of light hitting your eye

Part of the brain responsible for recognising faces

Eye contact affect our behaviour

Primed by certain associated concepts

Cues like punctuation, spaces determine clarity and rhythm 

Things close together belong together (headlines)

Need to use information to remember it

People read faster with long sentence length but prefer shorter sentence length

More uncertain people are, the more they defend their ideas

People process information best in story form

East background and West foreground

People trained to categorise

Danger Sex Movement Food get attention

More motivated as get closer to a goal