Season 2 Ep 4: Anti-Fragility: How to Bounce Back Better

Anti-Fragility is one of the most important qualities to cultivate when dealing with tough times and handling when things go wrong. In this weeks episode, I talk about the concept and it’s relation to resilience.


Resilience, Grit, Anti-fragility

Problems: Change, Adversity, Unpredictability, Tough Times

What is Grit? 

Passion and Perseverance

What is Resilience?

Resilience is bouncing back from adversity

What qualities make resilience possible?

Problem with resilience…

Fragile. Broken. Healed

Anti-fragile systems

Adversity and Change

Questions to ask

  • Anticipate the Adversity… 
  • Ask Questions on the Adversity
  • Attach Meaning to the Adversity

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