Season 2 Ep 2 Love on the Brain: Why and How love works

Why we fall in love and how to stay there (J)

Neurochemistry, evolution, lack of logic, best practices dating and relationships

OCD, Cocaine Addiction

Serotonin, Phenythylamine, Oxytocin, Dopamine, Vasopressin, Testosterone

Pheromones. Ovulation more masculine men attraction.

Insecurity. Attachment Styles, Associations from early relationships

Beliefs about love, relationships, marriage

Psychology of Love Sternberg – Passion, Commitment and Intimacy

Romantic – Passion and Intimacy. Compannioate Love – Intimacy and Commitment

Liking, Infatuation, Empty Love       Fatuous Love

Languages of Love – How show love Gary Chapman – Time, Words, Acts of Service, Gifts, Touch

Gottman – 5:1 ratio, Avoid criticism, Repair attempts