Season 2 The Work of 4: Dan Pink – To Sell is Human

This week, I explore more work of Dan Pink with his excellent book on influence… To Sell is Human.

We’re all in sales now

Crucial to survival

Irritation vs Agitation



  1. Watch
  2. Wait
  3. Wane

Ambiverts advantage


Stay afloat after rejection

Interrogative self-talk – ask questions

Explanatory style (permanent, pervasive, personal)

Flexible Optimism

Enumerate and Embrace (count the no’s and embrace them)

Preempt rejections


Present Bias

Problem Finding

The ability to move others hinges less on problem solving than on problem finding.

5 Frames

1. The Less Frame

2. The Experience Frame

3. The Label Frame

4. The Blemished Frame

5. The Potential Frame


Call to action needed

Clear Plan

Motivational Interviewing

Motivate by pointing out their motiovation


  1. Seek
  2. Sense
  3. Share

Other types of pitches:

1. The One-Word Pitch

2. The Question Pitch

3. The Rhyming Pitch

4. The Subject-Line Pitch

5. The Twitter Pitch

6. The Pixar Pitch


1. Hear Offers.

2. Say “Yes and”.

3. Make Your Partner Look Good.

Serving Others

Upselling to Upserving

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