Season 2 Interview 6: Patrick McAndrew on the Neuroscience of Learning & Speed Reading

In this episode, I talk with Patrick McAndrew on how the brain learns and we’ll offer you some really great hacks and tips on how to boost your memory and learning speed.

Patrick helps high-performers to think better and learn better so that they can do better work and live greater lives. In this interview some of the questions I ask Patrick:

What is that you help people to do?

What are some surprising insights from how the brain works most people don’t know?

Takeaways of what we know about learning from the research done on the brain and

Practical strategies that people can use to improve how they fast they learn

Practical strategies that people can use to improve how well they learn

On the Blog post he wrote on Tetris and Remembering peoples names

Use of a LEGEND when reading

A Favourite movie,






TV series

Desired superpower

Ideal time travel experience

Alternative location

Alternative career

One piece of advice.

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