Ruairi O’Connor Interview series 12 CM

Ruairi O’Connor is one of the best magicians out there. Having performed magic in Las Vegas, for multiple celebrities and having worked in three continents, Ruairi’s skills of close up and performance are some of the best I have ever seen. One of the nicest people I know and one of my dearest friends, Ruairi offers some golden nuggets here on performing, communicating and the power of discipline. This interview was conducted at the launch of the Changing Minds Podcast last November.

  • How did Ruairi get interested in Magic
  • Joining the magic club
  • Ruairi’s incredible mentors
  • Best lessons Ruairi learned from them
  • The power of practice
  • How Ruairi became so skilled
  • The highlight of Ruairi’s career: the trip to Vegas
  • Power of language and story in Magic
  • Discipline and the ability to practice over and over again
  • How Ruairi practices
  • How story fits into Ruairi’s work as a magician
  • How Ruairi creates rapport with people instantly (100,000 people later)
  • Favourite movies, TV Series, Band, Poet, Philosopher, Time Travel, Preferred Location to live in, Superpower
  • How Ruairi proposed to his wife with Owen’s help
  • Ruairi’s one message to the world

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