Robert Orr Interview Series 13 CM

Robert Orr is a self made multi millionaire and one of my closest friends. He’s also the person that I’ve had probably some of my best conversations with ever! In this episode, he offers a lot of brilliant advice on business success and we discuss some of the biggest challenges we face today.

Here are the highlights of our interview. Definitely worth checking it out:

  • How Rob got to where he did
  • Most important lesson in running a business 
  • Secret to making your business successful
  • Recruiting people 
  • Two types of negotiation 
  • Most important mindset you need when you’re pitching
  • Essential elements of relationship building 
  • Handling problems in business
  • PC Culture
  • Victim mentality change come back..
  • Hate speech 
  • Confirmation bias and backfire effect 
  • When you disagree… losing all respect’ 
  • Racist piece 
  • Handling adversity and the tough times
  • Tip personal development experts n influences 
  • When Rob and Owen met a guru in India
  • Favorite movie, tv series, author, artist, musician, band, superpower, time machine, live anywhere else, any other profession,