Robert Cialdini Vol.2 PRESUASION TWO 23

Robert Cialdini, one of the world’s leading experts on Influence, returned with a brilliant new book called Presuasion. In it, Cialdini offers a seventh principle of influence and explores the power of the moment before the persuasion attempt. In this week’s the work of episode, I explore this excellent work.

Privileged moments

What’s focused on seems more important

What’s focused on seems like it’s a cause

Attractors: sexual, scary, different

Magnifiers: self relevant, unfinished, mysterious

Associations made

Physical geography and environment cues 

Strategies: strong associations n created ones n if when then, reminding or questions r fatigue or too much cognitive effort 

Associate with six principles

Unity: we identity of genes etc and acting together 


Moving forward with Presuasion 

Presuasion Dr Robert Cialdini

Influence at Work