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Lena Hart is currently the resident Alexander Technique teacher at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco and has a private practice in San Francisco and Walnut Creek, CA. As an Experienced Postural & Ergonomics Specialist, Lena has a record of success in helping clients and students in home, office, and industrial environments become aware of the harmful, habitual physical choices they make as a person.

She specializes in helping performers, techies. Current and previous students include those who work at Google, PETA, AAU, University of Tennessee, and Whitten Laser Eye. Whether it be stage fright or back pain that is bothering you, Lena is eager to share what she has learned with the Technique to help solve your problems.Lena is a graduate of the Alexander Education Center of Berkeley. She received her M.F.A from the University of Tennessee and her BA from Washington University in St. Louis.

Story of how you Lena got into her work

Alexander Technique: The History

Alexander Technique: What is it?

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Advice for sleeping while flying

Owen’s necks and advice for him

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