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Episode 15 Resilience: How to handle adversity

Resilience is one of the most important qualities we need today. In this episode, Owen explains the keys to handling adversity and bouncing back.

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John Gottman: The work of 007 CM

John Gottman is the worlds greatest expert on love and relationships. In this episode, Owen explores his life’s work.

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Episode 14 Heartbreak: How to cope with a broken heart

Heartbreak is one of the toughest things to cope with. In this episode, Owen offers some important keys to handling one of the hardest experiences you can have.

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Cristina Rivera Interview Series 07 CM

This week, I interview Cristina Rivera… yogi, writer and friend about all things yoga, health, online dating, love, heartbreak and what girls look for in a man!

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Episode 13: Charisma: How to become more charismatic CM

Charisma is one of those elusive qualities that can dramatically improve your communication. Author of the Charismatic Edge, Owen explains the keys to understanding and developing charisma.

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Jim Collins: The Work of 06 CM

Jim Collins is one of the best known experts on Business and what makes good companies great. In this episode, Owen reviews his key ideas from amazing books such as Built to Last and Good to Great.

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Episode 12: Worrying: How to deal with Worry and Stress CM

In this episode, Owen tackles worrying and stress and offers brilliantly practical tips to help you handle the anxieties of the mind.

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Cormac Moore: Interview Series 07 CM

In this episode, Owen interviews stand up comedian and radio show host Cormac Moore.

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Episode 11: How to handle bad days CM

Bad days are inevitable. In this episode, learn how to handle when things go wrong!

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Brene Brown: The work of 005 CM

Brene Brown is a phenomenal researcher and storyteller who focuses on vulnerability and shame. This work of series explores her books and talks!

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Episode 10: Confidence. The keys to self belief

Confidence and self belief are essential qualities in the modern world. In this episode, Owen will examine the keys to them.

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Gina London: Interview Series

This week’s episode is with Emmy award-winning former CNN correspondent Gina London about her journey to where she is today.

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