Episode19: Neuro-chemistry: The Neuroscience behind everyday emotions

Neuroscience, Brain Chemistry and the hormones that affect our emotions are the topic of this weeks episode. Serotonin,  Dopamine, Oxytocin, Testosterone are all examples of chemicals that affect how we feel from day to day. This episode explores what goes on in our brains and helps us understand what we can do to create better feelings by understanding our brains. 

Neuro-chemicals we will examine in this episode:

Oxytocin – cuddle chemical, trust, love

Dopamine – excitement, motivation

Serotonin – confidence, self esteem, contentment, secure, optimism, wake up chemical

Cortisol – attention, stress

Adrenaline – fear, Flight fight or fright, energy (epinepherine) on heart    nor – blood   extreme focus and attention, excitement, no sleep

Endorphins – pain relief, exercise (endo cannaboids)

GABA – calmness, relaxation, meditation (inhibits neuro connections)

Vasopressin – Monogamy

Phenythylamine – chocolate, strawberries high love

Testosterone – Harder to read emotions, more competitive, aggressive (relationships lowers)

Melatonin – sleep

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