Episode 46 What will others think of me Insecurity part 3

On this weeks episode, I explore the idea of how what others think about us can often affect how we feel. Insecurity can manifest in a deep fear of other peoples judgements. We’ll examine what happens and most importantly what we can do about it. Some of the topics we will cover include:

Theory of mind


Mind reading

Social status

Impression management

Virtue signaling

How we look – clothes posture grooming body height

How we sound – voice, accent. Vocabulary 



How attractive we are

How skilled we are

How funny we are

How charismatic we are

How smart we are

How good we are

How cool we are

How rich we are

How happy we are

How confident we are

How trustworthy we are

How much fun we are

How authentic we are

How powerful we are

Introvert versus extrovert

Confidence versus arrogance and smugness