Episode 36: Handling Haters and Bullies

Haters, Bullies, Trolls… we live in a world where you are more likely than ever to be bullied by someone. In this episode, I explore the different forms of bullying that can take place and how to deal with bullies and anyone else that hates on you!

Types of Bullying 







Haters mean you’re noticed and on the right track

Can you learn anything from it? (content or how to deal with conflict)

Successful people don’t  troll. Be more accepting of others weakness.

Have funny responses to trolls.

Take it as a Compliment.

Stay committed to your perspective.

Let it motivate you.



Tell someone connected to the situation if you need to in order to sort it

Understand the emotion

Never look ruffled / Be unemotional

Set Limits and Boundaries of what you won’t accept

Give them clear, specific feedback about what is acceptable and what you feel

Do it immediately and consistently