Episode 27: Public Speaking: How to become a better presenter

Public Speaking is one of the most important skills that you need to master in order for you to become an effective leader and communicator. The ability to impact people powerfully through your presentations cannot be underestimated. In this episode, Owen explores the fundamentals to becoming a persuasive and powerful speaker and presenter.

Attitude (control, focus, composure, emotion)

Know – Feel – Believe – Do


Different types of audience (size, culture, demographics)

States (power, presence, playfulness, passion) 



Body Language on Stage

Voice variety (Pitch, Pause, Power, Pace)

Qualities of Great Speakers

Rhetorical Strategies (Rhetorical Questions, Rule of 3, Repetition, Rhythm, Contrast)


Introduction Structure


Middle Structure

Conclusion Structure

Types of Speeches  

Styles of Speech