Episode. 23: Productivity: How to get more done

Productivity is essential in the modern world. In this episode, Owen shares the keys to prioritizing and getting more work done, efficiently. From his work on the TV series and his bestselling book of the same name ‘Not Enough Hours’ Owen offers insights into being as effective as possible.

No is Yes and Yes is No


The Eisenhower Matrix

The Pareto Principle


To Do List – Open and Closed

Schedule and Calendar 

Balance Work and Life

Work better: Enjoyment, Challenge, Morning, Sequential


Batching work

Deep Work


How long it takes?

20% Buffer Time 

Someone else to do


Be clear and specific of tasks

Be clear and specific on time and resources needed

Be clear and specific on measurement

Be clear and specific on feedback


Getting Things Done by David Allen

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

Deep Work by Cal Newport

Michael Hyatt Website