Episode 22: Sports Psychology: The mental side of sports performance

Sports Psychology and a World Champion mindset are explored in this weeks episode. Owen discusses the key ingredients to mastering the mental side of Sports performance. He will walk you through 8 fundamental elements to using psychology in the sports world.


Find the why

Imagine the heaven and hell


Define a specific schedule of practice

Build overall health mastery

Become the identity of a successful athlete


Raise your standards

Challenge yourself

Practice under the same conditions

Use Feedback and learning from experience

Develop Grit: Motivation and Discipline (Passion and Perseverance)

Self Belief

Imagine yourself succeeding

Use effective self talk

Remind yourself of greatest achievements

Handling Nerves

Focus on the bigger picture time wise

Focus on learning and growth

Create anchors that help you relax when you need to

Relabel fear as excitement


Get into the zone

Train your brain to focus 


Image in Vivid Detail

Mentally rehearse winning

Watch great performers and prime yourself


Mentally rehearse handling adversity

Plan for the worst