Episode 21: High Performing Culture How the best teams succeed

High Performing Cultures tend to lead to High Performing Teams. When you focus on the culture you can ensure that the best teams succeed. When I go into organisations to deliver Corporate Training or help them with cultural change, there are a number of areas that I explore with them when helping them to improve how they are functioning. In this episode, we explore the People, the Work and the Growth of any company. 

The People

Do you support and teach each other?

Do you embrace transparency and trust each other?

Do you give specific feedback that comes from positive intentions? 

Do you feel respected by others?

Do you get recognised for good work?

Do you like the people you work with?

The Work

Do you get paid enough?

Do you enjoy what you do?

Do you take ownership and responsibility for mistakes?

Do you feel you are doing what you are best at?

Do you feel challenged by your work?

Do you get meaning from your job and feel you make an impact?

The Growth

Do you feel supported and inspired by your leaders?

Do you feel engaged?

Do you have the freedom to grow?

Do you feel you have a sense of autonomy in your work?

Do you notice yourself improving and developing personally and professionally?

Do you feel you are developing your career opportunities?