Episode 15 Resilience: How to handle adversity

Bouncing back. Handling failure, rejection, challenges, adversity.


Resilience: the capacity to bounce back from difficulties. Toughness

Antifragility: property of systems to increase in capability and improve in face of adversity failure volatility

Grit: courage and resolve strength of character stick with things over long term till master them

Robustness: strong and healthy tough

Perseverance: continue in a course of action despite failure and low chances of success

Persistance: obstinent continuous pursuit of something

Life isn’t fair. Good things happen to bad people. Being a human can be really tough.

Recognise that the decision to be or not to be resilient is up to you. Be okay with being hurt but commit to figuring things out.

You can adapt 

See challenges as Crucibles: severe test or trials (Bennis and Thomas)

Neoteny- retention of youth in adult age helps us (curios)

Positive Psychology: Martin Seligman

Understand response to trauma 

Reduce anxiety 

Self disclosure 

Narrative (crucible) 

Life principles 

Separate beliefs n emotions n challenge beliefs 

Your Strengths 

Active construction passive construction 

When facing hard times

Be the kind of person that bounces back? Decide you will bounce back

Redefine what it means? Interpret diff Find meaning in adversity

Decide what most useful thing to do?

What kind of learning can I get from this?

Tune into good in the world.

Accept the adversity and go through it

Pick up the pieces: Break down what needs to happen from now

Be an example for others

Focus on how you can bring light to the darkness  Embrace your inner hero

Protect yourself from the bad learnings

Find a resilience supporter

Love the pressure (focus on own performance) 

Fixated on long term future 

Compete with best

Celebrate victories 

Loss amplified value of what remains 

Perspective it gives you