Episode 14 Heartbreak: How to cope with a broken heart

Heartbreak is one of the toughest things to cope with. In this episode, Owen offers some important keys to handling one of the hardest experiences you can have.

What happens in the brain:

Dopamine / PEA / Oxytocin / Serotonin lower levels

What to do:

Cut off contact..

Excuses to stay in touch:

Can be friends

Need closure

Make sense of it need

Available reconciliation

Need to give stuff back

Want sex

Have same friends

Techniques to do:

  • No Contact
  • Decide rules for you
  • Support team
  • Physical health
  • Write story relationship
  • Journal 
  • Acceptance
  • Focus on bad qualities of ex and bad parts of relationship
  • Gratitude list
  • Focus on you
  • Self talk and mind
  • Hobbies goals groups

Recommended books:

Getting past your breakup Susan J Elliot

Love sick Dr Frank Tallis

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