Episode 11: How to handle bad days CM

Why do bad days happen?

Life/Emotion/Consequences of yourPast/Luck

What goes on during a bad day?

Neurotransmitters affect the brain. Anchors trigger feelings. Expectations prepare us to feel bad. We tend to focus on negative thoughts. Our negative behaviour makes feel bad and then we can feel guilt, shame and anger etc. This is perpetuated by a lack of feeling of control so it becomes easy to blame thee environment or others.

Techniques to handle bad days 


Start day with things that put you in a good frame of mind

Reframe the event:

When something bad happens ask for the positive meaning or learning from that

Reframing the time:

Bad days = Bad hours. Bad minutes… bunch of bad moments that we found a pattern in

Change Chemistry:

Exercise, Massage, Food

Change Focus:

Movie, Book, TV, Music


Give yourself a break and let yourself have a shitty day

Cathartic Release:

Curse or punch or dance 

Refuse to believe:

Listen to generalisations and beliefs that come at this point but refuse to believe them

Disciplined Action:

Ask yourself: What is the most useful thing you need to do to achieve your goals?

Mindfulness n meditation 



Positive psychology: gratitude journal, meaningful experiences

Tell yourself a different story