Episode 10: Confidence. The keys to self belief

Confidence is a feeling of capability. Confident in situations or about self.

Identify as a confident or not confident person. This judgment traps us in that mindset.

Why people are confident? Nature and Nurture

Stajkovic argues that confidence is not actually an observable variable, however, confidence sits at the core of four other manifestations: Hope, Efficacy, Optimism and Resilience.

Self Confidence vs Self Belief. (present scenario vs possibilities in future)

Men vs Women with regards to Confidence

Confidence and Influence, high performance, success in careers, happiness

Cocky, Confident, Arrogant, Smugness, Assertiveness

Self Fulfilling Prophecy: Belief you can do it makes it happen

Pygmalion effect. Rosenthal and Jacobson

Over Confidence, the Dunning Kruger Effect and the Confirmation Bias

Overestimate self underestimate challenge rub people up wrong way intimidate people 

Genes vs Environment debate

Why people aren’t:  Comparison, inner critic, worry, fear of success (begrudgery), Habit of not being confident, 

Techniques for confidence:

Positive Mental Rehearsal: Vividly imagine what you want to have happen

Confidence squared

Confident inner voice

Remember your achievements

Set yourself up for Small Successes

Make Intelligent Comparison with yourself

The Power of Visualization: Control of mind

Change the game you are playing

Recommended books:

How to win friends and influence people Dale Carnegie

The Confidence Code Katty Kay and Claire Shipman

The Charismatic Edge Owen Fitzpatrick