Cormac Moore: Interview Series 07 CM

Cormac Moore is a stand up comedian, broadcaster and a skilled NLPer. In this interview, Owen chats with him about the ups and downs thus far in his life and how his stand up works!

  • Cormac Introduction and how Owen and Cormac met
  • Cormac discuss his studies into NLP as an educational tool
  • They discuss what his findings were and the most useful tools for learning
  • Owen and Cormac talk about the project that Cormac got Owen involved in with students
  • What has he been getting up to over the last few years
  • His Stand up Comedy journey
  • Setting up a company and it collapsing
  • What he loves about Stand Up
  • Handling huge adversity and losing big on the company
  • Preparing for stand up comedy
  • Developing jokes
  • Negativity of Comedians
  • Satire in the modern age
  • Researching shows
  • Favorite Comedian
  • How the radio show began
  • Favourite Movie, Author, Artist, Painter, Philosopher, TV Series, Superpower, Time Machine, Alternative location to live, Alternative career, One Piece of Advice for everyone

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