Owen Solo

Season 2 Ep 38: The 3 biggest thinking mistakes we make

Today we discuss the three biggest thinking mistakes we make in life…. and how to avoid making them!!! This is important.

S2 Ep 37: Wisdom of the World 2: Ikigai & Nunchi

This week, I explore the cool concepts of Ikigai from Japan and Nunchi from Korea… really useful stuff.

Season 2 Ep 36: Wisdom of the World 1: Hygge, Lagom & Ubuntu

In this weeks episode, we will explore three very cool concepts from different parts of the world. The ideas of Hygge, Lagom and Ubuntu will be explored and discussed so that you can learn about these terrific ideas and how to apply them to your life.

Season 2 Ep 35: How to win a US Presidential Debate

With the debates on this time of year, I figured it would be fun to do an episode on the strategies used in trying to win the debate especially between Donald Trump and Joe Biden! Hope you enjoy!

Season 2 Ep 34: How to calm yourself down

In this episode, another pep talk/meditative kinda thingamajig…. where I focus on helping you calm yourself down when you need it the most!