Owen Solo

Episode 10: Confidence. The keys to self belief

Confidence and self belief are essential qualities in the modern world. In this episode, Owen will examine the keys to them.

Episode 009: Happiness, Meaning and Positive Psychology

In this episode, Owen explores the theories around happiness, meaning and positive psychology. He discusses what seems to be what most humans are striving for.

Episode 008 How to change any behavior forever

In this episode, Owen explains the most important things you need to know in order to change any behavior for the long term.

Episode 007 The 10 Lessons I learned in 2018

In this episode, I offer the ten biggest lessons that I’ve learned in what’s been an action packed year. Since we move closer to 2019, here are some key ideas that might just help you get the edge.

Episode 006: 14 Books to read from 2018

Robert Greene, Yuval Noah Harari, Brene Brown, Dan Pink and James Clear all feature In this episode where Owen explores 14 of the best books that were released in 2018 in the areas of psychology, business and leadership