Interview series

Season 2 Interview 13: Poll Moussoulides on importance of voice

In this episode, I chat with my friend Poll Moussoulides about the importance of voice work and how critical it is to improve how you use your voice to become more successful.

Season 2 Interview 12: Dave O’Reilly on Interview Skills

This week, I interview my good friend David O’Reilly. David has worked in a multitude of businesses in a few different areas and offers some excellent advice for anyone job hunting right now and getting the interview right.

In 11 Adam Ashton & Adam Jones

In this episode, I interview the two creators of one of my favorite podcasts in the world; WHAT YOU WILL LEARN. Adam Ashton and Adam Jones have now a few hundred episodes of their podcast where they do fantastic book summaries and interview some incredible authors.

Season 2 Interview 10: Owen Fitzpatrick on the THOUGHT ROOM Podcast

Here is one of the favorite interviews in which I have been interviewed! With the amazing Hallie Rose of the THOUGHT ROOM PODCAST!!!

Season 2 Interview 9 Kate O’Neill on Technology Business and the Future

In this episode, I talk with the fascinating Kate O’Neill, expert and speaker on Technology, Business and the Future!