Carol Dweck: The work of 11 CM

Mindset is one of the most cited book in the world of Psychology today. The author, Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D., is one of the world’s leading researchers in the field of motivation and Stanford University. Her research has focused on why people succeed and how to foster success.

Core concepts:

Intelligence is fixed

Intelligence can be improved


avoid challenges

give up easily

see effort as fruitless

ignore negative feedback useful

feel; threatened by other success


Embrace challenges

Effort is path to mastery

Persist in face off challenges

Learn from criticism

Find lessons and inspiration in others success

Some children like failure… they see it as learning… see as getting smarter

Power of Yet vs Tyranny of now

Fixed mindset – grades worse

Growth – steadily improved

Pre-Meds- cared more about learning – better grades

Health,Relationships affected, Wealth

Broke vs Poor difference.

Can mindsets be changed:

Brain can be trained by a muscle… neutrons formed new connections… whenever challenged

Learning about it and about neuro synapses improves performance

Significant improvement and disimprovement with study skills when fixed vs growth mindset trained

Adelescent aggression in high school… 

6 weeks of Coping skills / Growth Mindset and Coping skills and Normal

Growth classes

Brian anatomy and can be changed

Personalities live in brain can be changed

Many motivations for actions and can be changed

Rejected from game and hot sauce revenge game. 40% less used it.

Prosocial notes

Teachers signed out better conduct and few suspensions 11-2%

Groups – 

Israelis Fixed or Growth: Attitude to Palestinians and compromise

Palestinians citizens of Israel and of Gaza: Attitude to Israelis

When they believed people can change and groups can change:

There was a greater willingness to meet each other

Brain scans… fixed no sign of engaging with errors… growth lots of failure engagement

5 years later mother and babies

Praise effort and hard work not talent or ability

Praise process

You’re really smart (not as good) vs You worked really hard. I like the way you kept going (good)

Use YET or NOT YET improves performance

Telling people they are smart lowers scores

Recommended Book:

MINDSET Carol Dweck