Brian Colbert: Interview Series

Brian Colbert is the author of The Happiness Habit, From Ordinary to Extraordinary and co-author with me of a book called The Cynical Optimists. Brian is one of the greatest NLP master trainers on the planet in my opinion and having known him for twenty five years, I understand more than anyone how brilliant he is. Enjoy the episode where we talk about loads of great stuff and announce coming soon the brand new CYNICAL OPTIMIST PODCAST!!!!!

In this episode, we cover

  • The experience of writing the cynical optimist
  • The honesty of the book
  • Why people hate Owen more
  • Owen’s deep dark lurking sadness
  • Brian’s take on the keys to cynical optimism
  • How amazing Ireland is
  • Our new cynical optimist podcast
  • That time when people thought Owen threw chairs and bottles at participant and Brian was doing a porn movie
  • How great they are and why you should buy their book
  • More about how great they are
  • Brian’s favourite movie, author, artist, poet, musician, band, philosopher, tv series, desired superpower, ideal time travel experience, alternative location, alternative career and one piece of advice for other people.


Recommended Books/Podcast:

The Happiness Habit Brian Colbert

From Ordinary to Extraordinary Brian Colbert

The Cynical Optimists Brian Colbert and Owen Fitzpatrick

PODCAST: The Cynical Optimists Podcast (Coming Soon)