Season 2 Ep 31: What is wrong with the world? Polarization, Virtue Signaling and Cancel Culture

In this episode, I discuss the current topics of polarization and cancel culture and explore the roots of these phenomena and what the consequences are.

Season 2 The Work of 11: Chris Voss on Never Split the Difference

Chris Voss is one of the worlds leading authorities in hostage negotiation. In this episode, I discuss his excellent book on applying his skills to business negotiations.

Season 2 Ep 30: Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology is one of the most important areas of Psychology today. In this episode, I explore the basics of the field and what practical strategies we can learn from it!

Season 2 The Work of 10: Donald Miller Vol 2 (incl JJ Peterson) Marketing Made Simple

In this episode, I explore the work of Donald Miller and JJ Peterson in terms of their new book Marketing made simple. It really is an excellent and clear example of how to apply storytelling to create your website and email marketing campaigns. Worth a read!

Season 2 Ep 29: Changing Thoughts

In this episode, I talk about how thoughts are changed and explore some of the mechanisms at play when we change how we think!