S2 Ep 40: When things don’t go your way

With a big day tomorrow for the population of the states… and with the craziness in the world like it is… here is an episode with suggestions that might help you stay sane when things don’t go your way!

Season 2 The Work of 16: Nancy Duarte Vol 2 Slideology & Illuminate

The next episode of the work of series is on Nancy Duarte again. This time I look at her books Slideology, The HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations and Illuminate (with Patti Sanchez).

Season 2 Ep 39: How politicians win

In this episode, I explore some of the effective strategies that politicians use nowadays to get elected! Timely!

Season 2 The Work of 15: Nancy Duarte Vol 1 Resonate

Nancy Duarte is a legend when it comes to corporate communications and presentations. In this first part of my work of series on Nancy’s work, I explore her fantastic book Resonate and using stories in presentations!

Bonus episode: Why Influence matters and The Influence School

Special Bonus episode on my brand new INFLUENCE SCHOOL… finally available until Sunday midnight http://www.changingmindsacademy.com/the-influence-school
And also… why Influence matters. Hope you enjoy!!!